Legal Success

When you use Legal Video Support to capture video to be shown at your trial, we go the extra mile to create a video that will give you the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

When you choose Legal Video Support to capture your legal video, be assured you will be working with true professionals because our videographers are certified.

We strive for success!

Welcome to Legal Video Support

We specialize in videotaping of depositions plus video editing, transcript and video syncing and video preparation for trial.

Our videographers are certified and use top of the line equipment.

Having your client videotaped at deposition has many benefits: The jury will feel like they are present at the deposition because they will see and hear first hand what was said by the deponent in their own words.

Also, the deponent's body language is seen, which in itself can relay much information. Your witness is always available.

Legal System

Legal Video Support stays up to date on all rules and guidelines associated with legal videos. The legal system has strict guidelines that must be followed for video to be admissable in court.

If any of these guidelines are not followed, your video will not be admissable in court. Our certified videographers make sure that all strict guidelines are followed so that your video will be accepted in court.