Legal Video

Videotaping of Depositions

When you use us to film your video deposition, we make sure all guidelines are met so your video will be admissable as evidence in court. Our goal is for your case to be successful and we do everything we can to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Video depositions are useful if you have a very important witness. Also, sometimes a witness says one thing in deposition and then changes their story in trial. A video deposition will impeach a witness if they try to change their story, as you can simply play the video for the jury.

If a witness moves away or lives in a different location than the trial location, a vdeo deposition can help. If a physician is a fact witness and not a plaintiff or defendant, and they do not want to attend trial, a video deposition can be used.

If an attorney has to take a deposition over the phone because they can't attend in person, we will videotape the deposition.

Video Editing

Legal Video Support uses state of the art equipment so that we can handle any of your editing needs. If you need something edited fast, our expedited services can have it completed and sent back to you within 24 hours.

Our legal video editing services will streamline hours of video down to only the revelant points for the jury and/or we remove parts of videotape that a judge rules are not admissible for the jury to hear.

Also, at times attorneys make objections during a deposition and we edit those out of the video deposition.

Transcript and Video Syncing

Transcript and video synchronization allows you to view the testimony alongside the deposition video by creating a digital video transcript. The court reporter's transcript is synchronized with the legal video to provide a persuasive and powerful tool that can be used for trial presentation and case preparation.

An attorney can use this to make his/her own edits by simply highlighting the portions of the transcript that need to be removed and the video will automatically be edited to match the same points that were highlighted for removal.

Transcript and video syncing helps the jury to follow along with the testimony when played in court. When the video and text scroll together, it helps keep the jury more attentive.

Once synced, the finished video file can be exported to be played in trial presentation software such as Trial Director, Sanction, Power Point, etc.

Video Preparation for Trial

Evidence has to be clear and concise to keep the jurors' attention so that they do not miss anything. When we prepare your video for trial, all evidence and information will be relayed perfectly. Video preparation for trial encompasses our editing, synching, format changes and duplication services.

Transferring VHS to DVD

We can change just about any format of video to another. Such as VHS to DVD (most common), Hi 8 or Mini DV to digital etc. We also change formats and file extensions.

Media or DVD Duplication

We can duplicate most any type of video.

VideoTaping Independent Medical Exams

Insurance companies and others want the plaintiffs to go to a doctor (often a chiropractor for car accidents) to obtain an independent evaluation of their claimed injuries. We videotape these exams (independent medical exams).

Site inspections or Accident Scene Inspections

We videotape accident scenes, for example, deck collapses, boat fires, car accidents (car damage). We also videotape if an inspector goes out to create a report on an accident or damaged property. We take video of them extracting parts and/or their inspection of the scene.

Will Signings

When large sums of money or property are involved, if the person's mental state is in question, if there is a last minute change in a current will or if someone is cut out of a will, we take video of the will signing. Having video of your will signing makes it harder to contest that will later. Video can provide proof that the person signed their will in their legal right mind and of their own free will.

Psychiatric Evaluations

We take video of the evaluation and tests being administered during a psychiatric evaluation. This will help show if the person is in their right mental state or not.